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New registrations of electric vehicles in Europe took the lead in 2020, when 1.4 million of them were registered. It’s more than double compared to registrations in 2019. Last year, nearly 1.2 million electric cars were registered in China and less than 300,000 in the United States. Fully electric or plug-in hybrid cars thus reached a record year, while the global conventional car market failed due to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, Alpho summarizes in its report.

The largest fleet of vehicles with electric motors can still be found in China, where there are around 4.5 million of them. In…

With excellent results, tales of the past don’t have so much influence on the stock price of VW. On July 29, 2021, VW announced results for the first half of the year — operating result reaches a record level of 11.4 billion EUR despite pandemics. Revenue is +10% and earnings-per-share are +30% better-than-expected.[1] Despite the tales from the past, it does not seem to have much of an impact on Volkswagen’s share value in past couple of years — the price moved in range of 100–150 EUR per share.[2]

Dieselgate scandal has cost the VW Group more than 32 billion…

As China’s anti-monopoly bureau tightened its regulations on big tech players and imposed some fines, Alibaba was hit hard with a record-high antitrust fine of 18.2 billion yuan (more than 2.8 billion USD) for supposedly abusing market dominance. One month later Alibaba Group Holdings Limited (NYSE: BABA) announced its Q1 2021 results with an increase of 64% in revenues compared to last year. The company reached annual active consumers of over 1 billion, including 891 million consumers across Chinese retail marketplace.[1] Proving thus a firm position of its business model and standing.

“Alibaba achieved a historic milestone of one billion…

The educational portal FOREX-MAG.COM awarded Alpho with the TOP 10 prize in the competition for The Best Customer Service Award. In voting by traders that are reading FOREX-MAG.COM, Alpho has been the 8th most popular in customers services.

The voting features of personal experience included local language services, demo trading options, live communication channels or availability of tutorials.

Robinhood focuses namely on retail investors who account for 20 percent of the daily volume of trades according to data. In the first quarter of 2020, the number of new accounts increased by unbelievable 3 million. Robinhood’s commission-free trading attracted 13 million users also thanks to its application, which makes trading easier. Its business model allows namely low-income Americans to accrue wealth through stock ownership, which has become very popular during the lockdown and interruption of sports events. The way the platform works however raises questions as well, Alpho reports in its analysis.

Skyrocketing popularity

Initially, the company pitched itself…

Alpho, the leading broker in the Asian markets, was awarded the Best CFDs Broker award by the Forex Expo in Dubai. Moreover, Alpho has won the Best Retail Forex Broker award as well. The traders’ vote proved that Alpho is a popular brand among investors with forex instruments as well as a sought-after partner for affiliate programs.

Voting results at the Forex Expo in Dubai confirmed the strong position of Alpho, which opens 78,000 + accounts and reaches USD 8.6 bn in trade value yearly*.

The travel and tourism industry contributes 3 to 3,5 per cent of the global GDP. If we also count related industries, the total contribution of tourism to the global GDP nears ten percent. The entire part of the global economy was hit hard with the coronavirus pandemics. As the economies were locked down, the revenue declined by more than 90 percent. Now the economies reopen, it may be estimated the hospitality industry would recover. According to the Alpho analysts it will very likely take a long time.

Stocks of global leaders like Brands like Marriott International, Hilton Worldwide, InterContinental Hotels…

Warner Music Recording Studio was set to list on stock markets last Wednesday and has represented the largest IPO of the year. Despite that, some companies are delaying their listings due to COVID-19 pandemic. The company has increased the volume of its offered shares from $70 million to $77 million.

Issue price was $25 per share, yet the company started its trading on the Nasdaq Stock Market with the price of $27 per share. The stock price has grown over $30 in the end of its first trading day, what represents almost 20,5% price growth.

A graph: Warner Music share price growth during its first trading day compared to its last traded value in 2011. (Resource:

Warner Music received the…

Shares of plant-based meat substitutes have been traded on stock exchange since last May, and similarly to most stocks traded on capital markets experienced significant decline in the middle of March. Yet, the company has grown in more than 100% since that. Why? Meat processing plants had to close down due to coronavirus pandemic, and, according to Alpho analysis, as shutdown caused meat shortages, fast-food chains began to substitute meat with plant-based options.

Based on data provided by DPA agency, American consumers began to complain about lack of meat burgers in Wendy’s chain offer. …


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